If you are excellent, if you expect to be smart, if you desire to join an elite team, if you want to do some contribution to society, and if you expect to realize self value through entrepreneurship, welcome to Apintec!
In order to become the leader of the intelligence industry in the world, Apintec will open the door to elites. Those who have technical expertise in mechanical, electrical, electronics, software, optical, communications and other fields, or good at legal, financial, administrative, personnel, marketing and other professional talents, welcome to Apintec to have a rest. We will provide you free tea and resting places. And related personnel will be arranged to communicate with you, and you are allowed to fully display your talents and ideas. Whether we will eventually be able to cooperate or not, welcome to visit us and have a sit!
If you are not available for visiting us, you can also send your resume to hr@apintec.com, and we will deal with it earnestly. Thank you!



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