Apintec Overview

Company Name
APINTEC: the Abb. of Assist Power Intelligence Technology
We firmly believe that the only way to achieve success is to help others.

Corporate Vision

To be the leader of Global Intelligent Industry.
• Under the background of Industry 4.0, automation and intelligentization are the developing trend of global industry.
• Our technical team has much experience in development of automation equipment and management system of intelligent industry.
• Devoted in the intelligent industry and try to become the leader in this area within 30 years.
Corporate Mission
Accelerating the Intelligentization Process of Global Industry through Continuous Innovation
• Committed to become a powerful driver for the intelligentization process of global industry and become a guide of it gradually.
• The confidence of the company for a prosperous future is from excellent technical background and continuous innovation.

CEO Address
Since the wave of Industry 4.0 is sweeping the globe, the 4th Industrial Revolution is coming suddenly. Faced with this situation, we, in China, feel excited and highly stressed. At present, though the volume of China's manufacturing industry is very large, but it is far from strong. Surveying the world industrial development process, we are still in the early stage of the 3rd Industrial Revolution. While small-scale automation is launching, the high-speed train of intelligence is coming without any warning. We are shocked. The wheel of history will not stop to wait for us because we are not ready, on the contrary, it will be more and more quickly. In order to meet the new trend, after full research and study, China government released the plan named "Made in China 2025", which will point the way for China manufacturing to achieve great-leap-forward development. Apintec emerges in such a historical background. The company has a top elite team, which is full of passion and ideals. They dare to be the pioneer and first, shoulder the historic mission of promoting the global industrial intelligence process, to become the global leader in intelligent industry. With a good technical foundation and industry experience, they are full of confidence, plans to use about 30 years to achieve this goal.
Dream is exciting, but the realization of any great dream is from the foot of a step by step. Advocating great, we are excited, in the face of great, we feel small. Therefore, only to lay down their "ego", can we really together, arm in arm, toward the great goal of the exciting, perseverance!

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